Unique and handmade hardwood Jewellery Boxes

This category contains a range of unique handmade jewellery boxes.
All of these boxes are signed and numbered and details of each box will be archived and catalogued.

I exhibit some of these boxes in shows and galleries so if there is no shopping cart available for a particular box that is why, however if you send me an enquiry with a view to purchasing I can activate the shopping basket for that item should it be available.

The Marble egg (size of a large egg) used in the photographs is to give an idea of scale.

You will receive the actual box shown - each one is individual and unique!
All boxes can be totally custom made to order.

Click on the images below for more photographs and a description.
You can also download a PDF brochure.

A handmade Elm jewellery box No.0151

A Brown Oak handmade jewellery chest No. 212/002

A solid Yew handmade jewellery chest No.212/005

A jewellery box handmade from Yew No.0148

Handmade Oak jewellery box No.0166

Handmade Yew jewellery box No.0161

A handmade Burr Ash jewellery box No.0182

A handmade jewellery box in Oak - No 0049

Burr Oak handmade jewellery box No.0162

A handmade walnut jewellery box No.0150

Handmade Burr Oak jewellery box No.0165