Below are some kind comments received from customers:

"Hi John, my box arrived this morning and it is absolutely perfect! And you’ve signed the base..thanks so much..it really is a wonderful work of art..my friend will love it!"
P Ramsey

Thank you so much for the impeccable service, and the immaculate workmanship of the 2 ring boxes received. You made 2 very special people, very happy. Your work has to be seen to be appreciated."
J Mondelli

"Hi John - your work of art arrived today - so pleased with it - it is beautiful and so tactile I want to keep stroking it. The grain and colour is lighter than in the photo which I rather like. I think our grandson will really appreciate it in years to come and it is something that will last forever and not date. It is such a good original present for weddings, christenings and significant birthdays."
L Wilson

"Hi John, just to let you know that my box arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled with it - I cannot stop looking at it or touching the lid. Thank you so much."
P Lago

"Hi John, just a quick message to say the box arrived on Wednesday. I've just had a chance to look at it as the family are away for two nights. All I can say is WOW! "
P Bowers

"Dear John, Thank you so much for the lovely box received today, it is truly beautiful. My husband now knows it is for my birthday ! He was very impressed with the craftsmanship."
J. McNab

"Just a note to let you know the box was safely received and it's more beautiful than I'd imagined. The grain is stunning. I'm so thrilled with it. It will be treasured. Thank you so much"
K Wake

"My "Distinctive Handmade Box" arrived this afternoon :-) I am really pleased with the ring box! The feel, fit and finish is incredible. Thank you again for your kind assistance."
K De Freitas

"I've received the ring box. It is so lovely. The wood is perfect and the engraving just finishes it off. Thank you so much. I'm sure the bride and groom will love it. I will give it to the Best Man to present the rings in church."
J Bryan

"I received the ring box today and it is absolutely stunning! So much more than I expected - I am thrilled with the outcome. Thank you very much!"
P Young

"Package is here, superbly packed - thank you. I am stupefied that I own something as beautiful as what you have made for me."
A Rush

"Thank you so much for my beautiful trinket box that arrived today. It"s really gorgeous, it makes the best of the wood and oozes quality workmanship. I have put it with 2 other wood type jewellery boxes & it looks great."
M Fallon

"Hi John, I have just opened the package and absolutely shocked about how amazing this ring box is!
The quality of this box is much much higher than I could have ever expected. It is clear from analysing the grain of the wood, to the magnets, to the engraving, to the design on the top how much hard work you have put into this and I am surprised at the level of precision in your work!
I am so happy to see this project come to life; I still remember us having a chat about the design and mechanics of this box just a short while ago and now to see the final product turn out just as I had wanted if not better is so pleasing."
M Vasa

"Hi John, it arrived yesterday ! wow, absolutely fantastic, both so so so happy with it. Stunning finish, and beautiful detail..love the way you cut the wood so the knot meets up on the corner....its truly lovely thank-you :)"

"It arrived on Thursday which was a fantastic service and is exactly what we wanted.
Thank you very much it is a beautifully made object and I am more than a little jealous of your skill."
J Ellis

Thank you for your amazing work, the brief was well met. It is stunning xxx. Love it."
S Bell

"John, it's a work of art; seriously, you're a genuine craftsman. I'm amazed at the tolerance in the wooden hinge. Bravo!"
M Evans

"I just thought I'd say that the mirror looks absolutely lovely after I had the mirror fitted. Thank you for making it. It turned out just as I had expected and looks perfect in our house (which is 14th century and timber framed)."
N Chowdhury

"Your beautiful box arrived today and it is truly exquisite. The craftsmanship is superb and the wood is alive with a beautiful grain and colour. I love it. Nancy will love it. This will be a perfect gift for Nancy which she can treasure all her life and can be passed on from generation to generation."
C Stein

"I've just received the box thank you. It is fantastic. Its so beautifully made. My first words being a budding carpenter were 'how the hell did he do that.." Amazing work."
K Breeze

Box arrived today. Just to say "Stunning! A truly beautifully crafted box that is a work of art in itself".
BD, Bath

"What can I say? Big thank you to start with, the box is simply stunning! I haven't decided what to keep in it yet so I think I'll sit and look at it. There is something about wood that is so satisfying to look at even in its raw form but when one comes across a craftsman such as yourself, you're not just buying the wood (as good as it is), you're buying into the skill of the craftsman in turning what is in reality a plank of wood into a work of art that has function, form and beauty.
I shall certainly recommend you and your work whenever I can and I wish you every success in the future."
KW Cook

"My box arrived, to call it a box is a misnomer. It is truly a beautiful piece of art. Thank you, it's a Christmas present I really don't want to give!!"
C Bird

"I just wanted to say thank you for making and despatching my order so quickly. I gave the box to my sister on the morning of her wedding as a gift so she can store her new wedding/engagement rings. She absolutely loved the beautiful box which you'd engraved with the initials of her new married name. The box was perfect - beautifully made and a really special gift."
K Milner

"Just to let you know, the box came this morning. It's a fine piece of workmanship, I'm more than happy. Many thanks again for getting it to me so quickly."
D Haylock

" Yay! Box arrived today John - I absolutely love it! The feel, smell, look of it - it is perfect, thank you. Thanks too, for wrapping it so well and I'm so delighted you've given me the background story on the wood - it's important to know where it came from. You've been so pleasant and helpful and I know Liam will love it - what a wonderful talent you have - thank you again :)"
B Power

"Was impressed with first but this one is a work of art in itself. The wood is wonderful, lots of character and the finish is exquisite. Actually going to keep for myself!!"
T Kyle

"Dear John, I received a very large box today. Inside this large box was another small box! Then inside this small box was my jewellery box! It is beautiful and I love it. It is a work of art. You are an extremely skilled craftsman."
J Levy

"The box has arrived safely John and we are over the moon with it – absolutely beautiful.
My wife, who is a dressmaker, is amazed how you have matched up the patterns around the lid and the main part of the box
But she now says I have to buy her some new jewellery to put in it!"
A Spedding

"Dear John, thank you so much for the box you sent. It's beautiful, and worth every penny. I'm sure she'll love it."
A Byrne

"Just to let you know the box has arrived and is in one piece.
We all like it very much and is just what I need for some of my vintage fountain pen collection.
Thanks again for the excellent service."

R Jones

"Just to say the ring box arrived safely and was delightful and well received."
J Watson

"These boxes are really beautiful! I got one for Christmas and I love it"
D Hunt

"We have just received our fantastic ring box for our wedding rings. We are really pleased with it!
We can not fault your service. Your advice has been invaluable and has helped us get exactly what we were looking for.
Thank you so much. I would recommend you to family, friends or any of your potential customers! "
J Coombs

"The box is great! It was just what I was looking for, the pictures online don't do them justice."
A Rajkumar